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Experienced Investor Program

If you've successfully completed four successful real estate flips in the last two years, we have the quickest and most straight forward lending program specifically customized for experienced investors.


The experienced investor program is specifically designed with one idea in mind. Who is in the best position to understand the local real estate market? The investor or the lender? The answer is that no one has a better grasp of local trends than the experienced "on the ground" investor. This program was developed with that local investor in mind.


    - Four documented sales within the prior 24 months required.

    - Two to four sales will be considered with slightly tighter lending standards.

    - No more "as is" valuation headaches.

    - All prospective projects judged on their  APR "after repair value".
    - Streamlined valuation process with quick turnarounds and no BPO's.
    - Will fund 90% of purchase price and 100% of all needed rehab funds.
    - The more experience = the better the rate.
    - Minimum 550 FICO.

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