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Refinance and Cash Out

The perfect program for the successful investor in need of funds for their next project.  Refinancing allows investors to get cash out of their investments for business purposes, investment in new real estate or as a practical solution to cash flow issues. Rate and term refinancing available.

Cash Out Refinance Program Basics

    Property Types                                        Single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial

    Time to Fund Loan                                 As few as 7-10 days 

    Loan Amounts                                        $100,000 – $10 Million

    Loan Terms                                             6 to 36 months with longer terms available

                                                                    Fixed, balloon and interest only options

    Loan to Value (LTV)                               Up to 75% of current value of property


    Cash Out Refinance                               Interest Rates and Points upon request



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